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Welcome to WebSurfUK. The best site on the internet dedicated to providing its customers with links to the most popular sites visited on the Internet in the UK.

All too often we search through the Internet looking to either buy something or find some information, only to be constantly confronted with US sites. At WebSurfUK we are able to provide you with the best and most popular sites in the UK.

Other websites that claim to provide useful links, tend to list hundreds of companies all providing the same service, many of whom you have no interest in at all. Surfing through these dense woodlands can prove to be boring, tiresome, and costly in terms of both time and money.

All you actually want to see, are a small number of sites providing you with the best service, information and price.

WebSurfUK addresses these issues by selecting only the most popular links, and is therefore extremely user friendly and easy to use. As you will see, all our listed categories are very self explanatory and we have also tried to ensure that whatever it may be that you are looking for, it should never be more than three menu clicks away. Ensuring rapid and accurate searching.

We have teamed up with many of the best web based companies such as Amazon & Streets Online etc. in order to make shopping and searching on the Internet a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

We are also proud to say that we do not display any ellicit adult material, making us 100% Family Friendly. However we cannot offer the same guarentees to links provided by our customers websites.

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